A long job

I work for a local heating, ventilation, & A/C supplier as a single of their heat & cooling system specialists.

Most mornings our job is the same.

I go from loft to loft & service central heating & cooling units with the occasional heating & cooling plan replacement. However the other morning I had a long job that took all morning! Usually I have at least 10 jobs in the course of a work morning, this morning it was a single. It was a commercial heating, ventilation, & A/C plan at this immense office building that went down; On top of that it was a rooftop Heating & A/C system, then repairing rooftop heating & air conditioners are harder than having to service respected commercial heat & cooling system units let me tell you! I had only ran tests on a rooftop Heating & A/C component once before & I remember it being tough, however not as tough as this a single. On this a single I had to replace a motor as well as do some rewiring of the Heating & A/C component itself. This was an all morning affair. It was a fine thing I had an assistant that morning or else I may not have ever got out of there! I would have been forced to work overtime & this heating, ventilation, & A/C supplier does not pay us Heating & A/C workers extra for that. The two of us have a job to complete & every one of us are stuck there until every one of us complete it. I was so ecstatic when this horrible morning was done & pray that I never have to work on another rooftop Heating & A/C again!

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