The Value of Heated Flooring Even in the Southern States

Have you ever heard of heated flooring? I must admit that I had no idea there was such a thing as heated floors until just recently.

  • In my defense, I live in the south.

Here in the Southeastern part of the country, we rarely have a need for excessive use of furnaces. It is not like other parts of the country where they are getting super cold temperatures for long periods of time. We do occasionally have to use our heating systems, but it is rarely for more than a few weeks of the year. Anyway, I recently learned about heated flooring, and I am sold. The first Advantage is that needed flooring does not push all kinds of hot air into your face. The second Advantage is that heated flooring keeps the home or other building from the ground up. This thing is obvious, of course, but most forced air heating does not do that. Because hot air naturally Rises according to the laws of physics, those air conditioning vents that are way up high by the ceiling are not the most efficient way of putting hot air into your house. Heated flooring is much more efficient. The third Advantage is That it is space saving. Heated floors do not require ductwork or anything else actually. All they have is these tubular things that run underneath your floor. You don’t have to look at a heating mechanism at all. Lovely. Also, heated flooring is safe. You don’t have to worry about knocking over a heater that will catch the drapes on fire. Also don’t have to worry about radiators being in your home Where kids or pets can bump into them and get burned. Heated flooring is amazing.

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