My Portable Heater Saves the Day

This past winter has been a cold one for us.

For the most part, I do not have to use my heater very frequently. In fact, if I can avoid using the furnace, oh, I will. I do not particularly like the sensation of forced air heating. I am certainly aware that it makes my skin dry out, can aggravate my sinuses, and definitely makes my lips feel chapped. Even so, this year even though I had to turn my thermostat switch from cooling to Heating. Even though it griped my soul to do it. Anyway, it’s a good thing that I did have to use my furnace because that is when I discovered that it wasn’t working properly. Admittedly, I did not use my heater at all the year before, so it had been quite a long time since my furnace had even been turned on. So, when I went to use my heating system, I turned it on and went to bed as usual. When I woke up at about 4 a.m. feeling like I was in the Arctic Circle, I got up and looked at my thermostat. True, my thermostat was set on 68. Unfortunately for me, the actual thermostat reading said 47°! Obviously, my heater wasn’t working. I called the HVAC company, but it turns out that really cold winters are a time when the HVAC companies are quite busy. As a result, they could not get to my house for 3 days. The temperature outside was in the teens every night, and I could not get heating service for 3 days. Well, my little portable heater saved the day! I bought that little portable heater to put in my office because I was often a bit too chilly in there. When I switched jobs, I brought my little portable heater home. and I was glad I did too! I ran that little portable heater in my bedroom at night and in my living room while I watch TV in the evenings. It was a lifesaver.
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