It was snowing so hard, I couldn't see out the windows.

Just looking outside and seeing the snow blowing makes me feel cold.

When I looked out the windows, and couldn’t see because it was snowing so hard, I shivered.

Without even looking to see the temperature of the room, I turned up the thermostat. I expected to hear the radiators tinkling with the sound of heat coming up from the furnace. Instead of hearing the radiators tinkling, I heard nothing. I walked over to the thermostat, and knowing I had turned it up, I expected to hear heat. I now had the thermostat set at 72, but nothing was happening. Now, I faced the choice of calling my husband first, or calling the HVAC company first. Whenever I said I was calling the HVAC company, my husband got annoyed. All he could see was dollars and cents going out the window. I explained to him that dollars and cents were going out the window, along with the heat that we were losing from a furnace that wasn’t working. He growled like he does so often and shook his head as he headed to the basement. I knew he was heading downstairs to see if he could find a problem with the furnace, so I gave him an hour. When no heat came on after an hour, I called the HVAC company. There was no way I was going to allow my house to not just cool off, but to get so cold that my pipes could ‌freeze. With the way the snow was falling, it was also going to take a while for the HVAC company to arrive.


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