I was forced to install a gas furnace

I was forced to install a gas furnace… I didn’t assume that I would have to get a new gas furnace, but the Heating & A/C supplier that I worked with basically forced myself and others to get a new gas furnace installed.

I had no idea that it would be such an costly ordeal when I started out. I was simply having complications with our gas furnace keeping up with the cold Winter time weather, so I called an Heating & A/C supplier, & they said that they would come & repair our gas furnace. I was ecstatic when the first Heating & A/C professional came & evaluated out our gas furnace, she said that it was nothing sizable & that our gas furnace would work just good from then on. It hardly cost myself and others any money, & I was so happy about it, then sadly, I started having trouble with our gas furnace again just like three days later. It was easily aggravating, so I called the same Heating & A/C supplier & asked them if they would come back out & try to repair our gas furnace again. This time, the Heating & A/C professional told myself and others that I needed a whole new gas furnace. I was so confused, so I started asking questions because the last professional told myself and others that our gas furnace was in pretty relaxing shape. The hour Heating & A/C professional on the other hand told myself and others that I had no option but to get a new gas furnace. It cost myself and others thoUnited Statesnds of dollars, & I am so upset. I had a buddy check out our seasoned gas furnace after the whole ordeal, & she said that I certainly did not need a new gas furnace.



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