I want to make sure the AC unit is ready for summer.

My sister and I own a small cottage out by the lake.

Every year in the early spring, my sister and I head out to the cottage and give it a thorough cleaning.

The winds coming off the lake during the winter can wreak havoc with the cottage. We’ve already walked in there with broken windows and debris all over the inside. After the cleaning is done, and we make repairs, we call the HVAC company to have the air conditioning unit inspected. When you’re renting out a cottage by the lake during the summer, people expect to not just have a good shower with hot and cold running water, but they want to have excellent air conditioning. Get rid of the hot sticky sand from your body, and then relax in the AC. Last year, we added a hot tub to the backyard of the cottage, which became a big draw. However, it did not negate any of the necessity for air conditioning, and actually made it more of a necessity. We could double the fee that we‌ were collecting for a week’s rental of the cottage, and the added income went toward making more repairs and improvements. This year, we wanted to put in ductless HVAC. The old central HVAC system was about shot, and it was time for a change. With ductless HVAC, less maintenance would be needed, and each room would have its individual comfort. I would’ve never believed that a $2000 hot tub could make such a difference in our income, but it has, and because of it, our renters have more comfortable HVAC than ever before.


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