How can one room feel like winter while the rest of the house feels comfortable?

We have one room in our house that never receives heat or air conditioning.

  • During the winter, no one wants to be in that room because it always feels like winter while the rest of the house is comfortable.

Honestly, the only time the room is usable is during the spring and fall. Not that we don’t have air vents in that room, but the HVAC technician told us it is because the room is too far away from the central HVAC system. By the time the heating or air conditioning can get into that room, all the heat and AC have gone into other rooms. When we bought the house, we didn’t realize that part of the house was an add-on. It had been constructed so well that it looked like it was all original house. The telltale sign was when the HVAC never reached that part of the house. We called the HVAC company, and they told us we could either put in a new HVAC system just for that into the house, or put in a stronger HVAC system for the entire house. Neither one of those options seemed workable. However, the more my husband and I discussed it, we knew we needed to do something for that part of the house. We had a ductless HVAC system installed just for that part of the house. It was nice being able to go back into that room and use my sewing machine or my computer. It was the perfect study room for our oldest daughter. Now that it had heating and air conditioning, my daughter even asked if she could make it her bedroom, since it had a private bathroom.


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