The work loads were immense

I recently had took a temp job with a local heating, ventilation, & A/C supplier. I am a certified heat & cooling system specialist & our recent steady job I had at another heating & cooling supplier ended because they went out of business. I got a temp job to keep float till I could find something else. This heat & cooling system supplier needed Heating & A/C workers for 2 weeks. And let me tell you i’m surprised that’s all they needed! The work loads were immense & absolutely busy! I had never worked so tough in the heating, ventilation, & A/C corporation in our entire life before this. It was wall to wall repairings of central heat & cooling units from residential Heating & A/C systems to commercial heating & air conditioners at businesses. There was never a moment to breathe other than to eat breakfast. At the outdated heating & cooling supplier I worked for every one of us would occasionally have an minute or so off before each job… Not here. This was going from a single heat & cooling system service job to the next non stop! I could barely keep up to tell you the truth. So when I got a job as a respected employee at yet another heat & cooling system supplier I was absolutely ecstatic to be able to leave this temp job a month early. I do not guess I would have been able to handle it much longer to be honest! I was ecstatic to have it for the month though so I could keep income coming in. For that I am grateful.
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