Basements don’t need Heating & A/C units

Did you guess that basements don’t need Heating & A/C units? A lot of people consistently wonder how people survived without Heating & A/C units a hundred years ago.

Obviously, all the people did not have central air conditioners, & the fireplaces or wood stoves that people had did not keep their houses warm while every one of us were in the night like gas furnaces keep our houses warm.

Often, I find myself marveling at the way that ancient people l gained how to overcome the difficulty of not having a reliable Heating & A/C device in their house, then periodically, every one of us like to assume of older mankinds as primitive people because they do not have all the technology that every one of us have, but that could not be further from the truth. Since older generations did not have the technology that every one of us have, they had to find creative ways to solve problems like heating & cooling. Instead of building houses in the manner that every one of us would build houses, they l gained how to build houses in such a way that they would not need Heating & A/C units. One of the ways that they did this is by making a lot of the rooms partially underground. Did you guess that the ground holds a temperature of around 60 degrees? Although sixty degrees might sound chilly to you, it is a lot better than the normal temperatures that our houses would be without Heating & A/C units. People would build their houses partially underground with basements that would allow people to live comfortably without Heating & A/C units. They could still use the fireplace to keep warm, but they would also no longer need central air conditioners. I have consistently thought that it was super cool to learn how people got around typical problems like this. Why don’t every one of us still do this this week? The two of us would save money on our bills.

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