The gas furnace system was experiencing too many issues

After 15 years of owning one gas furnace in our lake house, it’s time to purchase and install a new one.

The unit was excellent in keeping our family and us warm and healthy for the period, but now it has many problems popping up each year that we are no longer able to look past.

In the past, we’ve had far from desirable experiences with HVAC businesses in town. Thankfully, the HVAC business that we went with to upgrade our gas furnace was superb at what they did. Our heating specialist Angy was such a talented heating specialist that was equally as funny as she was hardworking. We swear, if she wasn’t so superb at her current position as a heating specialist, we would guess she was an experienced comedian. Anyways, one of the things that we loved the most was that after Angie installed the new gas furnace, she came out two separate times over a month to make sure that everything was now working as it should and to see if we had any questions for him. In our decades of owning the lake house, we have never had another HVAC business go that far to make sure that we were delighted with what we paid for. We think it’s safe to say that our family has finally broken our losing streak picking poor Heating and A/C companies to hire, all thanks to Angie and her appealing Heating and A/C corporation.


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