Avoid HVAC scams by doing research and reading online reviews

I just saw a story about a local woman who scammed a few people out of their life savings.

I feel bad for those people because they lost everything they had all because a stranger on the phone was able to convince them to send them money for a particular reason. I am not sure if these scammers have a conscience because how could anyone take advantage of other people like that. I guess this sort of thing happens every day, and sometimes when we least expect it. For instance, I was with my mom a few weeks ago, and she had an issue with her central air, and wanted to get a technician to inspect and fix the unit. She went online and found an ad for a local HVAC company. They were offering free estimates, a low hourly rate, and $150 for cleaning the ductwork. I found that ad too good to be true because I paid upwards of $350 for ductwork cleaning a few years ago. Therefore, I decided to do some research to make sure that the company was reputable, and I was shocked at what I found. Most of the reviews called the company HVAC scammers, and the customers were unhappy because they were hit with hidden charges and overpriced parts. I showed my mom the reviews and warned her to be careful because there are a lot of HVAC companies out there who are not very reputable. Perhaps, if I wasn’t around my mom could have gotten scammed by this HVAC company, so I am happy I was able to find another local company that was reputable and had great online reviews.


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