Finally getting the air conditioning I wanted

I love my husband but he can also be a real resistant crank sometimes.

And when it has come to air conditioning our home properly, he’s been just that, a crank. We live way up north where the focus of any HVAC conversation is always on HVAC heating. And we have a state of the art gas furnace to take great care of our HVAC heating needs. My husband makes a great deal of effort when it comes to making sure that we are all snug and cozy during our long, brutally cold winter. So I have to give him big props for that. Our winter is a minimum of 5 months long. So that’s a lot of HVAC heating. His efforts help us conserve our HVAC heating and avoid the high costs. We have a wood stove that we utilize for secondary heating as well as emergency heating. That too takes a lot of effort to get all the firewood ready for the winter. But the summer seems to be getting hotter and hotter with each passing year. It’s that or I’m just getting more sensitive to the heat. My husband has always thrown a window air conditioner in for a few months in the summer. But I’ve always wanted to have central air conditioning. Well finally, I got my HVAC cooling wish and this will be the first summer with it. I’m so excited to see what it’s like to have central air conditioning. It should be just so lovely. To think that all I have to do is flip the thermostat over to cooling now. I’m even betting that my husband finds the new central air conditioning to be pretty wonderful too.

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