New addition with ductless Heating plus A/C is better than expected

What started out as an attempt to deal with a lack of room situation turned out to be really quite spectacular for our partner plus I.

I just like it when that happens.

Normally, it’s the several of us giving up something for the family or making sacrifices for the teenagers. Both of us both labor in tasks that aren’t exactly going to make us rich. Both of us don’t labor inside the zone controlled Heating plus A/C of some extravagant office. Instead, we both labor for non-profits so our salaries are reflective of that sort of organization. Not complaining by any means it’s just that we have to be more careful with our money. So when it became clear that our daughters, who are just over a year apart, simply could no longer share a room, we had to do something. There was a brief consideration of buying a modern home. But when we started scanning some of the prices, we thought otherwise. Besides, we really wanted to wait til we got the teenagers through school before we sold the house. It’s really our biggest investment. So we decided to add to that investment with a master bed plus bath suite. That way there would be separate rooms for all the teenagers plus we’d be adding value to the house. The Heating plus A/C professionals added a ductless heat pump to our modern master suite. And I’m in like with it. Both of us even have a remote that we can use to perfectly adjust the control unit setting. It’s such a appealing locale for our partner plus I that we can hardly guess it. The independent heating plus cooling from the ductless heat pump is just a giant bonus.

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