Deals are seasonal

One thing I have found over the years is that when there are discounts & other deals on heating & A/C products, it is all based on the season.

And it is totally backwards too! Basically in the Winter time weeks of the year you will see all kinds of deals on portable air conditioners, however you would never see this in the summer.

There are also deals on window air conditioning units & anything having to do with cooling your home. Because in the Winter all of us are all freezing & wanting nothing however some kind of quality oil furnace in our homes, all of us do not believe about the summer time & the boiling weather making us need air conditioning. Heating, Ventilation & A/C dealers believe of this & believe that they can get away with not having to sell their air conditioning unit cheap because no one will buy! Or hardly anyone I should say. Well, last year they were in for a large surprise when they put portable air conditioners at 50 percent off the proper price in the dead cold of winter. They ended up getting sold out! No kidding! They thought they were going to put them on sale & not sell any so they could later say, “well all of us had them last winter, it’s not our fault you didn’t take advantage of our sale”. It came back & kicked them right in the rear! I was one of the people who bought one of their portable air conditioners at 50 percent off the proper price. They may believe twice about doing this with heating unit & other forms of gas furnaces this summer!

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