Putting in some Heating & A/C in my labor shed

I’m just luck that I could buy the shed already made.

Had I been in the position to have to have someone build it, I undoubtedly would have passed.

But my partner was right, I needed a arena outside of the home to labor on my projects and passions. The basement and the garage just didn’t have enough space. There was no where inside the air conditioner of the home either. I’d been trying to labor a bit in the garage since I got kicked out of the basement. But again, it was not a enjoyable set up. I’ve never been the sort of guy who comes home, hits the recliner and stays inside the heating and cooling comfort of the home all the time. I like athletic interesting activities & my projects. Working with my hands allows my mind time and space to sort of labor out what it needs to labor out. So I obtained 1 of those prefab sheds you see for sale outside the important box hardware stores. I appreciate having my own dedicated space and it sits perfectly in the backyard of my home. I even had the Heating & A/C professionals come out to install some residential Heating & A/C in the labor shed. They put in a ductless heat pump and I couldn’t be more content with the results. The summers are sizzling around here and I was amazed with the Heating & A/C cooling from the ductless heat pump. It was so enjoyable to walk into the labor shed and be cool. That’s sure not the way it was in the garage.


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