A little Heating & A/C surprise for those returning to the office

Being my own boss was consistently something that I entirely wanted to do. So when I finally got the chance, I jumped at it. That was just over 5 years ago plus I’m so lucky to still be in business. The first few years were difficult however nothing love the last 2. My business has essentially been run out of the a/c of my home plus the rest of my team’s homes. Of course, that is due to the pandemic. The office I leased to beginning the business had to be shut down plus all of us scattered to the safety plus security of the Heating & A/C at home. That’s the way it went for a year. Every one of us tried leaving our a/c at home to open the office. But the new variant made that pretty much impossible in our region. So again, the people I was with and I were sent home to the Heating & A/C cooling that summer time plus stayed there with the Heating & A/C heating of the Winter as well. Finally, I have reopened the office. Amazingly, the people I was with and I not only held on to the business, the people I was with and I truly made a profit this past year. So I turned some of that profit back to the office with a surprise heating plus cooling gift for the team. The office the people I was with and I work from has been pretty uncomfortable when it came to heating plus cooling. So I had the Heating & A/C professionals come out to replace the existing system. Now, the heating plus cooling is excellent plus the people I was with and I have zone controlled Heating & A/C throughout the office. This is a particular hit with the team as heating plus cooling comfort can now be customized.

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