Rolling with the flow

I have been dealing with an issue regarding my central heating & A/C method unit; To get straight to the point, the central heat & air conditioner unit is truly old & on its way to the end of life.

However I can not afford to get a brand new, up-to-date & totally expensive central heating & A/C method at this point in time; So I just have to roll with the flow & take what my dying central heat & air conditioner unit decides to pump out.

It is truly rough at times… Especially when the weather is truly boiling or truly cold. The air flow of this dying central heating & A/C method unit is really bad to be honest. But there is nothing I can do about it at this time, then at least it is still working enough to keep the apartment cool & warm. It just takes a while to do so because of the bad air flow. It has nothing to do with the HVAC duct being dirty & needing to be cleaned, that is for sure. It is the fact that the central heating & A/C method is about to die out. I just hope when the central heat & air conditioner unit does finally see its final day that I have the funds to be able to get a brand up-to-date & up-to-date central heating & A/C method at that point. Heat & air conditioner is truly much needed to survive in this world. Without it, I am sure all of us would all have much shorter lifespans!
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