Investing into a commercial automation component

When I started my own business, it was necessary to put in twelve-hour days and weekends, and i handled every detail and aspect of operations.

I couldn’t afford to hire any staff or make replaces to the building.

It was my task to open in the mornings, close in the mornings, oversee inventory, complete the billing and even cover all of the cleaning… By the end of every workday, I was thoroughly sleepy, however as my business has grown and I’ve become more financially stable, I’ve invested into new amenities that minimize time, work and overhead, and one of my best updates was implementing a building automation system. Bundling the essential systems and appliances into a single hub makes operation much easier. Because the automation system is wireless, the installation was non-invasive. I can also access all of the features through my smartphone at any time from virtually somewhere. I’ve set up programs that automatically turn the lights on and off, adjust the temperature to conserve energy and lock and unlock the doors. The automation system includes security aspects that deliver a good deal of piece of mind. An alarm sounds if a door or window is opened while in off-hours. The alarm is activated by splitting glass. I also have access to surveillance cameras that deliver real-time footage. I get notified if there is a power outage or a problem with any of the major appliances. I can add new components to the automation system at any time. I cherish that the lights are on, the door unlocked and the workspace the perfect temperature when I arrive first thing in the morning. The building automation system handles everyday tasks and streamlines my business.

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