What do you think HVAC units will be like in 100 years from now?

As an HVAC engineer, I have been asked several times “what do you think HVAC units will be like in 100 years from now?” My answer is extensive so I decided to write it down.

To start off, I believe that most of the air conditioners and furnaces we use today will be rare or even unheard of and they will be replaced by newer and better tech, like in wall air conditioners and heat absorbing air conditioners.

Another major change I expect to see is an increase of efficiency. Furnaces and central air conditioners will be way more effective and not as costly to run all the time. With the rise in solar technology, I believe that all central air conditioners and many window air conditioners will be run by solar power, and most furnaces will be run by other more cost effective methods. I believe that many older HVAC units like window air conditioners and portable space heaters will altogether become extinct from lack of use. One special HVAC device that I believe will still be in use even in one hundred years from now is the smart thermostats. Smart thermostats can be modified and used on almost any air conditioner, air purifier, or furnace. This also goes for new and advanced HVAC units that are fresh on the market, even old versions of smart thermostats are able to connect to some of the newest heating and cooling business technology. I think that in one hundred years HVAC will be more convenient and modern than it is today.


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