Our furnace was ruined.

I recently went to the HVAC store and got a brand new furnace to replace my old one.

The ole furnace was getting weak and was no longer able to heat the whole house, plus it let out a strange smell which really bothered me.

After walking around the HVAC store and talking to my HVAC serviceman, I finally found the perfect furnace for my home. When I took out the old furnace, I saw that a lot of the internal parts were still in really good condition, so I decided to put it up for sale on an HVAC website. To my surprise, the old furnace sold quickly for my full asking price. I was glad to have the old furnace gone and the new one put in. I had my HVAC serviceman install it for me and he told me how to properly care for the new furnace. Only one week after getting my furnace installed, a tragedy occurred. My town had a really heavy rain store, and it made my basement. My new furnace was covered in water and I was afraid it was ruined forever. I called my HVAC serviceman to see if there was anything he could do about it. After looking the furnace over, my HVAC serviceman concluded that with only a few new parts, my furnace would be up and running. I ordered the new parts and had him install them, and just as he predicted, my furnace ran just fine. I had my basement sealed up so it would not flood again, and so far my furnace has been running smoothly.


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