My sister had bad luck with HVAC units.

Ever since my sister was little, she has had bad luck with HVAC units.

I remember when we were kids, each of us kids got our own space heaters in our rooms in the winter.

We all loved our space heaters because our rooms would get abnormally cold in the winter, and the heaters kept us toasty all night. My sister’s space heater, however, had some issues and would not work right. No matter how many times my dad fixed it, the space heater would still malfunction. My dad decided to sacrifice his space heater and put it in my sister’s room. The space heater only lasted one night before it started to malfunction. The same thing happened when we were a little older and we each got a small window air conditioner in our rooms. My sister’s was broken within three days of installing it. My dad decided to take the air conditioner to an HVAC technician in hopes that it could be fixed. The HVAC technician looked at the air conditioner and found that the wire system had been burned up. He was able to replace the wiring in the air conditioner and he got it working properly once again. One day later the air conditioner broke again and it was the same problem as the last time. Come to find out, it was not my sister’s bad luck, nor the air conditioner’s design, but rather, the power outlet that the air conditioner was plugged into that was the problem. My dad fixed the power outlet, and now both space heaters and air conditioners work perfectly fine in my sister’s room.

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