The military began taking may HVAC units

Since there is a war going on in the world, our military, through the work of an expert HVAC business, has found a way to convert normal HVAC units like central air conditioners, electric boilers, HVAC zone control, and smart thermostats into weapons of disfigurement.

The military first took over all heating and cooling companies and their HVAC factories.

Instead of making central air conditioners the traditional way, they changed them into tanks, however using the same parts as a normal central air conditioner. This was done with the electric boilers and smart thermostats as well. After a few months of war, the heating and cooling factories were running low on inventory and they needed more. They went to all the HVAC companies and demanded they hand over all heating and cooling component for sale so that the military could use it for the war. That still wasn’t enough heating and cooling component to satisfy the need, so the military went into the homes of every lady and took their central air conditioners, electric boilers, zone controlled heating and cooling units and their smart thermostats to be used in the cause/ while numerous citizens were enthusiastic to send their HVAC units, may homes were left to deal with the overwhelming heat and cold winters separate from their central air conditioners and electric boilers. Their sacrifice was not in vain, however, for the war was soon over and the victors were the ones with the central air conditioners and boilers as their military units. Those who gave their central air conditioners and other HVAC units were eventually compensated after the war.
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