I Ordered The Wrong Size Air Filter

My air filter is something I never think about until it’s causing an issue.

I wish I was that person who had a bunch of air filters stored away in her garage just waiting to be switched out, but I’m not.

Last week, my AC wasn’t running the right way. It sounded like my AC was running harder and longer, only to cool my home to a mediocre temperature. Every time I looked at my thermostat, it said it was 4 degrees warmer than what I’d programmed the temperature to be. I tried adjusting the temperature up and down, but my air conditioner wouldn’t budge the temperature. I didn’t need to call an HVAC specialist to know what was happening. I knew there was nothing wrong with my AC system, because it was time to replace my air filter. Whenever I waited too long to replace the filter, my HVAC system would act like this. I went online and quickly ordered a pack of air filters before leaving for work. When I got home, I was happy to see that they had been delivered while I was away. When I went to take out the old air filter and replace it with the new filter, I realized that I made a horrible mistake. When I was ordering the pack of air filters in a hurry before leaving for work, I didn’t look at the sizing close enough. My HVAC system took a 16×20 air filter and I accidently ordered a pack of 16×25 air filters. I had to run out to the hardware store and purchase the correct size.

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