Rainy and cold weather is a great combo for a fire

I can think of a few good times that a wood burning fireplace would be great to have! If it lived somewhere where it snowed a lot, I would be thrilled to have a wood burning fireplace in my house.

I like the idea of there being a centralized source of heating in the main room of the house, a wood burning fireplace is not something that comes in every house.

In my childhood home, we had a wood burning fireplace. Growing up in a sizzling region, we did not have much use for it. My favorite time to make a fire was in the winter time months around Christmas. Another good time for a fire is when it is raining outside. It is soothing to hang around a sizzling fire while it rains outside, and one of my favorite memories of my childhood would be thinking about Christmas day and the fire in the wood burning fireplace. My dad would always make a point of making us a fire on Christmas day, regardless of the weather outside! We live in a sizzling weather conditions, so having a Christmas that is actually cold is rare. One year I remember it being so sizzling outside that we actually went to the beach instead of making a fire. We made snowmen in the sand. I will always remember the warmth from the wood burning fireplace, especially during a rainy day. We have an electric fireplace now that allows us to heat the home without the smokey smell that a wood burning fireplace leaves behind.
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