Heating and cooling solutions for my lakehouse

My wife and I were excited about moving into our dream house down by the lake.

We work hard all year long.

We deserve to take breaks once in a while. Unfortunately, the cumbersome nature of organizing trips, especially the idea of booking accommodations, always discouraged us from going away on a trip. We canceled our trip three times in the past four years, and finally settled on getting a lake house. The fact we cherish fishing and hiking around the lake made it easier for us to choose a house. After meeting the realtor and signing the papers for our new house, my buddy and I embarked on a journey to make it comfortable for us. Our priority was to get the lakehouse ready for the frosty and moderate season. We do not take our air conditioner needs for granted. My wife insisted on hiring the local contractor that handles the a/c and heater back home. Fortunately, they had a branch close to our newhouse and they promised to send us a contractor to check on the requirements. We had saved up some money and were ready to sort any HVAC needs, including getting the latest system, if that was proposed. Fortunately for us, the house was well-equipped, negating the need for a new system. The previous owner had updated the HVAC unit and installed a new heating and cooling system that was barely two years old. However, my buddy and I needed extreme repairs done since the house had been unoccupied for the past year and a half. The contractor we hired was helpful. He changed the filters and cleaned the outdoor HVAC unit. We speak, the house is ready for us whenever we can take the break.

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