There’s always one person in a household that is always cold

Ever since I was younger I could always remember my mom being cold.

  • When we would go to the beach she would be cold.

She would start feeling cold once we left the beach and started packing the car. I love to have the windows down after the beach. However when I’m with my mom she puts the window lock on so I can’t put my window down. I used to get so frustrated with her. When winter came, it was the absolute worst. My mom would be feeling at least five times colder than everyone else in the house. We would have our thermostat set to seventy but she said she was still cold and could always feel a chilly draft. When I would come home from work I would see her on the couch watching TV and bundled up in a sweatshirt with her hood up and blanket. After a while my family and I were quite concerned about her health. I saw in a health magazine that people who are normally cold very often could potentially have a thyroid disorder. I told my mom what I read and told her that she should make an appointment with her doctor. Constantly changing the thermostat for my mom was becoming a hassle and even on our heating bills. She ended up going to the doctor and found out that she did have a thyroid deficiency. Now she has to take special pills and vitamins so she doesn’t feel cold all of the time.


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