The changes in weather has decreased heating bills

Pellets are around $5.00 a bag.

Due to the recent weather changes a lot of residences are saving money. There is an “El Nino” this year and this means that there are a series of climatic changes that are bringing warmer air than normal. For the northeast, we are experiencing not the normal cold temperatures or snow. It is very odd and many people aren’t used to it. We had our first snowfall the other day and people didn’t know how to drive in the snow! People thought that because there wasn’t a lot of snow on the ground that the roads were ok, however they were wrong. There was a number of reported accidents in my city that was tragic. Not to mention there are many people who aren’t used to the recent price change in fuel oil. Fuel oil in my town has dropped to $1.70 a gallon! That is quite the deal since last year it was around $4.00. Last year my family and I would use our pellet stove more than our furnace because it was cheaper to run than turning on our thermostat. However this year it is just the opposite. It is cheaper to burn fuel oil than pellets. Pellets are around $5.00 a bag. That is pretty expensive and for a ton it’s a few hundred dollars. This warm weather is making people happy but also miserable. A lot of people who enjoy the outdoors during the winter can’t do their activities because there’s no snow on the ground. However it makes people happy like me, who doesn’t have to pay an arm or a leg for heating costs.

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