Quality of Air filters

When I purchase things I make sure that they’re of good quality.

It doesn’t matter what I buy, if I have to spend a few extra dollars because something is made better I will.

A lot of the clothes that I wear are really good quality. I remember when I was a teenager I would shop at stores that would give discounted clothes. Now that I’m much older I’ve realized that those clothes that I would buy would only last me a few months. After those few months I could tell that my clothes would be stretching out and there would be pulls. I didn’t follow through with this idea when it came to my HVAC system. With my HVAC system I would buy the cheapest things for it. In the beginning of having my HVAC system I would buy cheap non brand air filters. This didn’t help since I have severe allergies and four dogs. When I switched over to buying more expensive air filters my allergies were not as severe as before. However since I’ve switched to having a more expensive air filter, for some reason the furnace keeps stopping before it reaches the desired temperature on my thermostat. I’m not sure if the problem is arising from changing my filter from a cheap one to a more modern and expensive one. I decided to contact my local HVAC technician to get his professional opinion to see exactly why my thermostat was shutting off early. I want to have my central heating and cooling to be working appropriately.

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