Being impressed by the knowledge of an HVAC technician

Just last week I had to get my air conditioning fixed.

I was very surprised that since it’s in the middle of summer I have not had any problems with the air conditioning unit.

It seems like every summer whether it’s in the beginning or towards the end, something goes wrong with my air conditioning unit. Needless to say that my air conditioning unit is 12 years old. So I feel like the next four years instead of always having to repair it every year, I’m just going to have to replace the whole HVAC system. So last week when my air conditioning system decided not to work for me again (three summer’s in a row), I contacted my local HVAC technician immediately. The HVAC technician came out and introduced himself and was very friendly. This was the most outgoing and knowledgeable HVAC technician that I have experienced in the last three times that I have had my HVAC system looked at. Every time that he would do something he would show me why he was doing it and what part of the air conditioning system that he was looking at. He even told me the function of it and what was going on with it. I was so impressed with the quality of work that was done to my HVAC air conditioning system that I made sure to contact my HVAC provider. I gave them my HVAC technician’s name and told them how pleased I was with the service that I had received that day.



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