Playing in air conditioned clubs

We got the business cards for our band the other morning and this weekend my bandmate is going to give me a few hundred to spread around the world.

We want to get some gigs in clubs and are going to take a few nights to travel to other towns to speak with bar owners to see if they are interested in us playing for them. We just need to fine tune our website a bit and then we will get these cards out and hopefully land some paid gigs in clubs. We would like to play in air conditioned clubs in the summer and get out of the heat of the streets for the summer. I know we have some legitimately fine songs and I need to pick the top five and put them in the spotlight on our website. The local corporation in the city is going to have us do a gig in this outside locale soon and we are gearing up for that as it is going to be quite a large thing. It is an outside hall where we will play, and although there is no heating and air conditioning system to keep us cool, doing the show in the evening should not be a problem as it cools down nicely after the sun sets. I know we are going to be ready for a tour come next summer and that should be a fun time as we travel around in our air conditioned RV to perform shows in other towns and other countries. It is going to be a fine time I am sure.


a/c installation

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