Heating and A/C tech task

I’ll bang out three more articles and then we will take a break and walk around the city for a bit to browse.

  • This city is starting to rev up some with the month of May in full swing.

It will be pretty wild and ridiculous here for the next four months as a lot of tourists fly in to take in the sun and the fun. I am happy for the coming summer because we are going to be playing music in clubs around the city and it should be a legitimately fine time while we also receive money in air conditioned beach bars along the coast. Some of the local corporations don’t have a lot of space for us to play inside so we will just set up our sound system and gear out on the beach on a large beach blanket and just play there. We don’t mind playing for free because we are working on new songs and the audience gives us energy to come up with new sounds and lyrics on the spot. When the winter season comes we will be inside heated bars in the mountains playing for the ski resorts and laying by the fireplaces afterwards with the skiers and just hanging out and having fun. I enjoy music so much and am so delighted that I chose a path in it because it fills me with joy and gives me a lot of cool experiences. I plan on quitting my heating and air conditioning tech job at the local corporation’s shop next year and just focusing on music full time.

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