Life is good with clean ductwork

I’m still not 100% yet after getting really ill with the flu last week. A lot of people in my town have had it recently and I was one of the chosen ones as well. My symptoms are pretty much all gone but my energy level is still not back to where it was before I came down with the thing. I guess I need a few more days to get my energy back so I am trying to take it easy a bit more than normal so my body can recover and be totally healthy again. Climate control keeps me comfy in my flat as I get my work done and the music I am listening to keeps me calm and focused. Today is just a normal day for me as I do my work online and go teach my yoga student later this afternoon. I will clean my washable HEPA filter later and my life will pretty much be back on track again after a week of basically sleeping all the time in my little air conditioned room. I will keep doing my cold sea dips each morning, which I also did last week when I was sick except for two days when I was really bedridden with a fever and body aches. I think cooling down in the sea is good for the body, even when you are sick, but shouldn’t be done when you have a burning fever like I had. Now I am feeling much better and I am happy that my body is strong and can recover from sicknesses like the one I had.



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