Dream house! Hosted by a friend whose house has a fireplace in the bedroom

I have been to comfortable homes with impressive heating equipment, but my friend’s house has a fireplace in the bedroom.

  • It was perfect.

I had gone over for a week just before New Year’s because we had plans to make the crossover together, and my house had furnace issues, so I couldn’t host the event. I was due for heating repair when I got home because I wanted a new HVAC installation done at my house, and the heating technician told me that the post-holiday season was the best for installation. Spending time in the house with an efficient and working heating device felt like my wishes were coming to life. We didn’t have to keep adding wood to the fire because it was fitted with a modern electric heater regulated using a thermostat. She’d bought the house mainly because she’d fallen in love with how comfortable it looked. An HVAC professional had inspected how everything worked before she moved in, so all her fears that everything was too good to be true were cleared. It reminded me how much I’d neglected my own HVAC because I kept forgetting the routine heating maintenance despite knowing the equipment was old and needed constant servicing. I was already paying for my sins. I had already picked replacement equipment with the help of the heating specialist handling repairs. Still, my friend’s house almost made me feel like calling my local town heating company to ask if they could get me something similar for my bedroom too. I knew it was impossible to do because I had no space for it, but a girl could wish. Maybe next time I think about home, I’ll have the heating dealership expert help me find my perfectly heated house.

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