The change in the air quality is noticeable

Then you would see some bad air quality here and there

There have been some extreme changes in the air quality where I live as of late. It is usually mostly great air quality where I live. However, recently it has turned bad for me. I absolutely do not know what has happened here. But all I know is that I had to go out and buy some portable media air cleaners for my home. I can not afford the whole loft media air cleaner that goes into the central heating, ventilation, and A/C unit. So this was the next best thing all together; Ever since I got some portable media air cleaners around here I have been able to fight off the bad air quality. It is not perfect, however it is great enough to where I can get some kind of indoor comfort within my loft from the great air quality that the portable media air cleaners bring. I do not know why the air quality all of a sudden got so bad in the area, but I am now prepared for it for however long it is going to last. The air quality used to be so nice in the evening and day. There was never a time absolutely where the air quality got bad other than maybe on some hot Summer days. Then you would see some bad air quality here and there. But lately it has been every single day of the week with the bad air quality and I truthfully need to hope that it will change here sometime soon. Because I personally do not like bad air quality in the area nor within my home.

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