Plugging away with radiant heated floors

It is 10 in the afternoon now plus I am going to write for one more hour plus then go hit the sea for a bit.

  • I have a normal afternoon today plus will be working on plus off at home for the next three or so hours before heading over to a student’s flat on my street to teach yoga.

I have a nice life in this small beach town plus am so delighted I don’t have to hop in my vehicle anymore plus battle that traffic on the way to work on the other side of town; Cooling unit is what I write about most of the time plus it is so nice being able to work from the comfort of my little air conditioned office while listening to some peaceful songs, i used to have a stressful engineering job with reports plus meetings each week, all for about the same type of lifestyle that I am residing now however with a lot more stress. I was a local corporation for 10 years after leaving that office job, which came with its own set of challenges having to climb on rooftops all of the time. I used to paint Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C systems on rooftops to keep them from rusting plus I had to haul around heavy ladders plus drive my work truck all the time to do estimates for future Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C buyers, however that job is now a thing of the past as well plus now I can work at my own pace plus I don’t have to drive anymore in rush hour traffic.

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