Lucky to have an media air purification system

I live in a nice flat and it costs me about $730 a month to live here with one other lady, whom I don’t see that often because she is toiling a lot.

It is a spacious three family room two lavatory flat in the center of a small town located right on the Mediterranean Sea. My friend from the States is going to be moving in with me in about two months and my rent will go down to $550 because he is going to pay a bit more and take the giant room that I am in. My heating supplier job covers my rent and spending currency and then I teach some yoga and volleyball each week to cover my food. I put away a few hundred each month for savings and have some investments that will be worth a superb chunk of currency one day. I saved my heating system labor currency for many years and made an untimely bet on a stock that is now going to have to kneel for a year or two before it gets back up to the value I bought it for, which is relaxing with me because I just have to let the currency kneel and it will be superb again. I make enough each month toiling for the local company to cover my bills and luckily I don’t have to touch that currency and can just let it kneel and appreciate over time. I should have waited till now to buy however I was antsy and pulled the trigger a year too soon.


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