Playing in bars with good HVAC

I am piano player who plays in several piano bars.

I more or less am a freelance musician and go wherever I am hired to and whatever pays well.

But the one thing that is a must for me is that whatever bar I play, it must have the most top quality and up to date central heating and air conditioning! Because having the best indoor comfort is important for me to do my job and play well. If I do not have good heating and air conditioning I can not perform as well and the people that hire me would not be happy with that. Neither would the people who are coming to the bar to hear me and drink. This is why they all know that if I am to be there, they better have their heating and air conditioning in perfect working order. If it is not in perfect working order and of the utmost top quality and up to date they will right away get it fixed before I am even scheduled to be there. This is something I tell them all up front. If you want to hire me, your central or commercial heating and air conditioning system must be fully working and be the very best so I have complete and total indoor comfort while I perform. There was only one time I can remember in recent years where the heating and air conditioning was not working properly. I ended up quitting the gig before I even got started and walked right out. I would rather lose some money than be in discomfort.

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