My boss was a former HVAC worker

The boss at my current job was a former heating and air conditioning worker.

  • This was something that I could not believe because how can you go from being a heating and air conditioning worker to the boss of a huge investment firm! Well, from the story he told it was due to the fact that one day he just woke up and was sick and tired of all things heating and air conditioning.

He was mega burned out on it all. He had been in the heating and cooling business as a certified heating and air conditioning worker for around 12 years when this happened. He decided he wanted to quit and go to school to learn about accounting and get a degree in it. Well, he did that and one thing lead to another and then he ended up doing so well that he became and boss and owner of his very own investment firm, which is what I work for today along with over a thousands other employees! That is one hell of a success story if I have ever heard one in my whole full entire life! I really respect this guy for what he was, how he admitted that it wasn’t for him after a decade or so and took charge to make the change in his life that he needed to in order to be happy with his career. I can honestly totally understand. I personally care nothing about heating and air conditioning other than if my own central heating and air conditioning system is working properly!

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