Caging the heating and cooling

I don’t remember ever worrying about my safety in this neighborhood until the last five or six years. But then again, I’ve been on this street for going on 40 years. I’m already almost 15 years into the second set of residential HVAC in this place. So, maybe it’s just that I’m getting older and need to update my perspective. That’s certainly a distinct possibility. There is no disputing that since we first bought this house our sleepy little hamlet has grown. Our house came complete with everything from a deck to new HVAC equipment and a freshly sodded yard. When we first came to town, this was the new neighborhood and natives of this region weren’t thrilled with the new comers. I sort of get where they were coming from now. This Summer, I will once again enjoy the terrific cooling I get from the air conditioning. And I have made sure that my HVAC equipment will continue to provide that air conditioning. For sure yes, the air conditioning tune up has been completed already. But I’m talking about a much more existential component of the HVAC equipment. I’ve had to cage the heating and cooling equipment alongside by house. That’s right, I have put a specially designed cage over the HVAC cabinet alongside my home. And I’ve then bolted it down to the concrete slab underneath. This is apparently what it takes these days to keep desperate burglars from tearing apart the HVAC unit outside. It’s not the residential HVAC components their after at all. They just want to get their hands on the copper fittings inside. It’s sort of crazy but that’s where we are now.

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