Adding more residential HVAC

The idea was to buy this house, replace the heating and cooling equipment, expand the kitchen some and then put a big deck on the back of the house.

From there, we were thinking that we’d live happily ever after right here.

And for the most part that has been true. It’s a great house in a great location. The school district is the best in town and it’s not too far from where both my wife and I spend our days inside our respective commercial HVAC. We have loved the central air conditioning and the kitchen turned out to be even better than we had hoped. The big deck on the back of the house has always been my favorite aspect of our home. But that’s no longer the case. We just added an entire master suite onto the house. The kids all have a bedroom but that left no guest space or any spare room. The idea of selling just to have more space made zero sense to us. So we chose to invest in the value of our home by putting on this addition. We lucked out again because the finished product is awesome. There’s even a new residential HVAC source in our home now. Just adding ductwork to the existing residential HVAC system wouldn’t work. The addition of the new space was too much air volume for our current HVAC equipment to handle. So we have an awesome ductless heat pump in the room. I just can’t believe that this small piece of HVAC technology can produce the kind of quality heating and air that we are lucky to enjoy in our new master bedroom.


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