Ready for my electric heating pad

My back was really sore a few afternoons ago however now it is loosening up and starting to feel superb again.

I believe I either pulled it or it was hurting from stress, however now it is getting better and I will be able to play some music tomorrow with my band with little ado.

I just need to rest up this week so that tomorrow I have more energy and can play drums and sing once again and get the band moving ahead like it has been the past year or so. I bought a sound system from an Heating & A/C tech and have been playing in this band steadily the past year, recording 24 music in the process, some of which are really superb music that I listen to over and over. My friend and I are both cooling reps and labor part time at the local company and then the rest of the time is spent toiling on the band or just doing our own things and living life. My friend and I will easily never be giant and famous however that really doesn’t matter to me anymore, I am more sad with just making some superb music and having fun in the band playing music together. I was a standup comic performing in dingy clubs with no weather conditions control, however I left that circuit a few years ago because I just wasn’t feeling it anymore. It is more fun toiling with other musicians than being on a stage all alone trying to win over difficult crowds. I now play in swanky bars with fireplaces and other air conditioned clubs in the summer.


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