We are feeling a little sick because of the air quality

I have a lot of trees around my home.

And this easily causes some major complications.

Because I have severe flu symptoms to them & they entirely can destruction the air quality locally & more so around my house! So what I do to reduce the severity of this is call some local landscapers to chop down the trees around my condo that are dead, & then the ones that are alive I have them trim them nicely so that they do not set off legitimately much allergic reactions & do not affect the local air quality around my condo as much. But I do have various portable air cleaners scattered around the odd rooms & areas within my home. By having all of these portable air cleaners it can help to both combat & offset the bad air quality coming from the trees all around my condo before I have them chop down a bit. If I could afford it I would entirely just take the major dive into investing into a whole apartment air cleaner. But since I can not afford such a luxury I will continue to chop the trees and use my various portable air cleaners that I have all around the house. These methods totally help with all the complications that the trees bring to the air quality. I will continue to do this ongoing from now & for years to come unless there ever comes a afternoon where I get rich & can afford a whole apartment air cleaner for my home!



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