Writing about space heaters

I think of my life now compared to 22 years ago and it is a bit different.

I am now living overseas and working part time writing these articles and speaking Spanish most of the time to talk to people.

That is a bit weirder than when I was working 50 hours a week as an engineer in the Valley in Cali. Life can take you to sites that you never would have imagined, which is one of the cool things about life, because you never know what treat is waiting around the corner. I now toil as a heating specialist for this local contractor, doing mainly space heater repairs in homes for the local clients. I toil about 14 hours a week, and compared to the 55 hour workweeks, it feels like I am on a permanent holiday. It can get a bit mundane writing about whole-home air purifiers and smart temperature controls, but I’ll take that anytime over rush hour bumper to bumper traffic and a long ten hour workday. I used to get home at 7pm and was totally wiped out from work, pretty much just eating dinner and watching some cable before going to bed. I worked for a heating, Ventilation, and A/C manufacturing dealer and my buddy and I had a lot of meetings and reports, and I would find myself working on cooling equipment on Fridays for the supplier too. I pretty much just had Sundays free, although I was so weary from the long workweek that I would spend most of the day in bed recovering. Anyway, time to clean the HEPA filter and shove off.

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