Easy heating work

This week is off and running and I am going to slow it down a bit.

I will do my toil online over the next couple of hours and after that I am going to have an unbelievable day on the beach.

It may end up a bit more on the sporty side if all of the players come out with their nets, but either way I will have a fantastic day in the end. I want to talk to my bandmate and get our practicing going again after a few week hiatus my buddy and I took. He went to the mountains to find peace, a fireplace, and the answers to some questions that have been bothering him. I stayed at the property and fixed my sizzling hot water heater, which was the answer I was looking for. Now my buddy and I are all set again in this flat and hopefully fantastic to go for another few years before anything else breaks. The Heating, Ventilation, and A/C system is quite new and I keep it well cleaned, along with some ductwork cleaning from the local contractor. My life is quite simple and streamlined and I bet I do about one hour of chores per week on this site, the rest my robot vacuum cleaner and roommate do. However, I basically keep the heating and A/C cleaned and she takes care of the rest, which is very little because my buddy and I both are minimalists and have little to clean and take care of. My shopping is done once a week and takes about 40 minutes to do in the air conditioned local supplier, just three minutes away.

Smart thermostat

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