Water boilers and acceptance

I’ve had to learn a lot about acceptance, inner peace, and patience during the past two or three years which has proven itself to be a strenuous thing to learn.

But I know I have gotten over the major hurdles of the terrible stuff in my life and am on my way to reclaiming from all of the losses that occurred in a remarkably short amount of time.

I lost two loves, my dad and uncle, my life savings, along with some health issues of my own. That all hit me in a year’s time frame and I am still trying to accept it all. Hot water and heating was the next thing to get yanked out of my life recently, so we’ve been taking freezing cold showers and just accepting the whole situation. I don’t mind taking a freezing shower, but when I come into my household from the beach all sandy and freezing from playing beach volleyball a nice sizzling shower would be just awesome. I don’t know where this water heating device is located right now however I do know that it is not in the flat, so maybe I’ll have to call this local supplier and see if we can buy one from them and cancel the other order. It will get fixed, and as long as the owner does not give me any flack about having to pay for everything, then all will be nice in a short amount of time. I will go see the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C contractor this week and see how much they charge for a propane boiler and also find out how much they would charge to install it.

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