Two brothers were able to work on my HVAC appliance

I decided to have my a/c unit fixed by HVAC employees that happen to be brothers this week.

Their names were Sam and Michael.

I was a bit apprehensive initially, not because of any past experiences, however simply because I never met them before. So as I waited for them to arrive, I relaxed on my front porch and listened to the doves chirp. Sam and Michael arrived at my locale and they were so nice. I directed them to the a/c appliance and they got right to work. They examined the unit and came to find that it wasn’t working correctly due to a clogged air filter. They asked me about my air duct cleaning routine as they worked and I explained to them I haven’t cleaned them in quite some time. Sam told me that it is critical to wash the air ducts correctly to keep them running smoothly. Sam nodded in agreement. They took their time showing me the process of how to correctly wash the air ducts. They were so knowledgeable and professional which certainly increased my confidence in their ability to repair my HVAC appliance. They changed the air filter and cleaned the air ducts before turning on my a/c appliance to ensure it would function the right way. Then the cool air from the vents started to blow in. I thanked both of them so much and they both smiled and said, “they were blissful to help.” Sam then said, “We want to show basically everyone that we will go above and beyond for them.” This made my morning to be honest.


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