Six more heating suppliers left

My cat Fatboy is looking at me like he needs something, but he just ate so I think he is just looking for some love. He likes to plop on my chest and hang out while I try and type out these articles. But sometimes I have to move him because he is too heavy and he blocks the screen so it makes it tough to type. I usually gently nudge him and he scoots over to my left and lays against the side of my body so that I can type better. I have another cat that sits on air purifiers and also likes to sit next to my small space heater when it is cold out. She likes to lie in the sun and let the sun warm her up while I work away so that I can pay for her next meal. Maybe if you live life right you come back as a cat, because that seems like the purrfect life doesn’t it? There are no HEPA filters to clean, no bills to pay at the end of each month, and no boss breathing down your neck making you feel edgy all of the time at the local business where you work. Anyway, I am going to work for a few more minutes and go take a quick ride down to the beach to go for a wake up dip and then get back home to finish my work. I have another hour of work to do for this heating and cooling supplier and then I am a free bird.

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