Push out a few more heating device articles

I am going to write for 30 more minutes and then take a slow ride down to the shore to see what is going on.

  • We are going to set up my net today around 2pm, which means I have about two more hours to get all of my stuff done at home.

I have to write online for another hour or so and then I have to do a 15 minute yoga routine while listening to my Spanish podcast. Then I will be all set for a long day in the sand, followed by some music with my heating and cooling rep buddy. I just hope I have the energy for all of this because playing ball in the sand and the heat can really take its toll on me. The air conditioning system in my flat is all ready for summer, but the real heat won’t come for another two months and I probably won’t have to run my climate control system until then. The two hottest months are July and August here, but then in September the heat leaves pretty quickly making way for the cool and cold months to soon follow. We will have to crank the smart thermostat down during those two months so that we can sleep well at night in the flat. I usually try to not run anything during the day and use fans, but sometimes it just gets way too hot and some cold air is necessary. So today I am going to check the HEPA filter one more time and then get out of here.

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