My pals genuinely don’t like the a/c appliance in my house

As I get older and start spending time with friends, it appears that I regularly go to my pals and no one ever comes over.

I never entirely question it, however in the past I have had pals come over here and there, however that was a long time ago.

When the men and I party we talk about where we would like to meet up… My parent’s dwelling is pretty much in the middle however there are a couple of other pals that live nearby as well. I regularly say we can meet up at my locale and play video games, maybe shoot some hoops or whatever and it’s not entirely acknowledged. Recently I started to question it and finally, someone spoke up. Jason absolutely spoke up because he just says what was on his mind or potentially what others are thinking. He said that no one entirely comes over because my father has the a/c on so high that none of them like the nippy temperatures as he does. I never entirely thought about it because it’s a valid reason if the air quality is just too frigid for them. My father actually takes care of our HVAC system, pretty much more than anything else. He has an HVAC tech who comes to our dwelling once every three months to take a look at the heating and cooling system. On occasion, he has an HVAC tech come to the dwelling more than that, especially if he thinks he hears a sound or during the warm season because the a/c is used a pretty good amount. I should talk to my actual father although I can’t be offended and it’s completely understandable.

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