Moving along and getting nice climate control

I am finally getting my brain in 2nd gear and laboring on some stuff online for a while before I go to the coast for my swim.

  • This week is my buddy Cal’s birthday party near the beach and I know that I will bring my sound system so that we can do some singing for the party.

There will be a few local musicians there and I have a sweet drum that needs to be used, so why not bring the sound and see what happens? I will invite some of Cal’s other friends to come and we may as well make a bash. Climate control will not be necessary because it is the start of May and the days are still pretty cool, especially later in the evenings when this party is, but maybe sitting by a large fireplace after the sun goes down would be a good idea. It gets quite freezing when the sun fades because it is truly humid here and the humidity magnifies the sizzling and the freezing temps each day and evening. My boiler is still running now and then at evening, a bit more now because my sizzling hot water furnace broke and after taking a freezing shower it is nice to have some heating in the flat to sizzle up the freezing skin and bones. I am going to write off tomorrow right now because I have a feeling that the party is going to go until the wee hours of the evening with this group of characters all coming together. I will tell the local contractor that I won’t be in to work tomorrow because of a legit eye infection, as; “I can’t SEE myself coming into work tomorrow”!

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